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     PO BOX 3427, MANUKA   ACT   2609


Dear Sir/Madam

                 Thank you for your enquiry about joining the club. CACMC was established in1968

by  a group of enthusiasts who were interested in preserving older vehicles as a part of Australia’s heritage

movement, here in Canberra. It has now grown to be one of the

largest clubs in our region and the only one in the ACT which caters of all marques

of vehicles.


Membership is open to anyone with an interest in heritage vehicles and ownership

of one is not a prerequisite. We currently have over 250 memberships with more

than 300 registered heritage vehicles of all marques and ages up to the approved 30 year

old requirement.


Personal involvement in club activities is an important aspect of becoming a member. Everyone is encouraged to

attend a number of meetings and club activities/runs each year. This social interaction forms a bond within the

heritage movement and is an opportunity

for all involved to share their knowledge and experience in the restoration and

maintaining of our vehicles.


Membership fees are $50 pa for a family membership and $45 for singles, to which is

added an initial joining fee of $40.  The latter provides for a name tag and membership

card and contributes towards the administrative costs of initial membership.  You will also

receive a copy of the club’s monthly magazine `The Colonial` by email.

Your membership would be warmly welcomed. Please complete and sign the details

below and return to the address indicated above or bring it along to a club meeting,

together with the fees.   Should you have any queries, please contact our Club Registrar on 6235 5845.


Proposed Members Details

First Name


Preferred Name

Spouse/Partner`s First Name



Preferred Name

Home Address




Postal Address

(if different to above) 




Home Phone

Work Phone

Mobile Phone

Fax Number

E-mail Address

From 1 July 2018

Vehicle ParticularsPlease provide details of vehicles to be listed in the members` register.

If insufficient space, please attach a separate sheet. See notes below for guidance in completing this section.


Vehicle Type


































*Status can be:   Being Restored (BR);    Original & Registered (OR);    Original & Unregistered (OU);   Parts for Sale (PS);   Restoration planned (RP);    Restored & Registered (RR);     Unregistered & Restored (UR)
* Rego, please provide the vehicle registration number.       Please also provide COLOUR of the vehicle(s)                                             

* Category can be Veteran (VET) to 1919 (VIN) to 1930, Historic (HIS) over 30 years old

* CRS, please indicate with a cross (x) or a tick (ü), if the vehicles are registered in the ACT under the Concessional Registration Scheme (CRS).




Enclosed is my/our payment for $………  (including $40 joining fee, where applicable) for the

selection indicated above.

I/We understand that my/our subscription covers the period to 30 June of the current financial year

and that my/our subscription falls due by that date each year.

I/we understand that a copy of the Constitution and By-Laws are on the website 

and, I/we  agree to observe them when my/our membership is approved.

 I/we also acknowledge that information provided on this form will be published in `The Colonial`

and the Register of Members unless I/we specifically request otherwise.


Date_______________              Signature(s)_________________________________________________



Fees Payment

Cash or card at the general meeting or

Cheque made out to CACMC and forwarded to P O Box 3427, Manuka ACT or

Direct Deposit to CACMC at Commonwealth Bank

BSB 06 2900    Account 2802 2621 

(notify the Treasurer by email



Applicant 1:  ..………….…....….………..……


Name:  ….....………..…………..…………………

Date:    ….../….../20.….



Applicant 2:  …….….…………...………..…..

Name:  ….....……...…………..……………………

Date:    ….../….../20…..



Type of sub:  

S          F          Col

Fees Received:  


Receipt No:          

Membership No: 

Membership Card Issued?  Y/N


Name badge(s) ordered?   


Register Updated?  Date:

Published in Magazine? 


Colonial:  Email or Mail